Hiring Abroad: 3 Strategies for Finding Top IT Talent


September, 2023

Hiring Abroad: 3 Strategies for Finding Top IT Talent

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We've been recruiting IT talent for years, and finding great talent abroad is one of our specialties. As companies expand globally and tech talent becomes more distributed, hiring internationally is key. However, it does require navigating different cultures, laws, and norms. Through trial and error, we've identified strategies that lead to landing the best candidates no matter where they are. In this article, we want to share three approaches that have proven most effective for finding top IT talent abroad. Whether you need an engineering team in Eastern Europe, software developers in South America, or data scientists in Southeast Asia, these strategies will set you up for success. Get ready to expand your search, tap into new talent pools, and onboard the technical expertise you need to take your company to the next level.

Get to know the regional job markets

The first thing we do is research the job markets in different regions to find areas with lots of tech talent. Some of the best places right now are Eastern Europe, parts of Latin America, and Southeast Asia. These regions often have large populations of highly-skilled developers and IT professionals.

Eastern Europe, especially cities like Kiev, Warsaw and Prague, has become a major hub for software engineering and web development. Salaries in these areas are often lower than in Western countries, so you get great bang for your buck.

Major tech cities in Latin America, such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and São Paulo, have huge talent pools of developers, software engineers and data scientists. Many professionals in these regions have degrees from top universities.

Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Manila are also home to many highly-educated and multi-lingual tech professionals. The cost of living in these areas is low, so salaries go a long way.

By researching the job markets and talent pools in different global regions, we’re able to connect our clients to professionals with the exact skills and experience they need. And by tapping into these emerging tech hubs, companies can build world-class engineering teams at a lower cost. For IT recruiting, a global search is the strategy that pays off.

Build a solid employee value proposition

As recruiting experts, we know that to find top IT talent abroad, you need a solid employee value proposition (EVP). Your EVP communicates why candidates should work for your company - it's your key selling point.

To build an effective EVP, first identify what makes your company attractive. Maybe you offer cutting-edge projects, mentorship programs, or competitive pay and benefits. Whatever it is, highlight the key advantages of working for your organization.

Next, convey your company culture. Many IT professionals value transparency, flexibility, and work-life balance. If those attributes align with your culture, promote them! You might say something like: "We have a results-oriented culture with flexible work hours and an open-door policy."

You should also emphasize opportunities for career growth. IT talent, especially millennials and Gen Z, crave professional development. Discuss potential career paths, mentorship programs, access to online courses, conference budgets, or anything else demonstrating your commitment to helping employees advance their skills.

Finally, spread your message on the right platforms. Post your EVP on your website and job listings, of course, but also on social media platforms popular with IT professionals like Reddit, Hacker News, and Stack Overflow. Engage with relevant online communities and promote your EVP there as well.

By defining a compelling EVP, promoting an attractive company culture, highlighting growth opportunities, and sharing your message where top candidates will see it, you'll attract the high-quality IT talent you need, wherever in the world they may be. With the strategies above, you'll source the best hires abroad and gain a key competitive advantage.

Design a strong candidate selection process

As recruiters, we know how important it is to have a rigorous candidate selection process, especially when hiring abroad. Here are a few strategies we use to find the best IT talent internationally:

Focus on skills, not credentials

Degrees and certifications can be misleading or differ in value across countries. Instead of over-relying on credentials, focus on evaluating relevant skills, work experience, technical abilities, and soft skills. Have candidates demonstrate their expertise through technical assessments, coding challenges, or skill-based interview questions. Look for people passionate about continuously improving and updating their technical knowledge.

Conduct thorough phone screens

An initial phone call is key for determining if a candidate is worth further consideration. Ask behavior-based questions to assess fit with your company culture. Discuss their career goals and motivations to work for your organization. This helps ensure they are interested in a long-term role, not just using you for a quick visa. Explain your hiring and relocation processes transparently so you both go in with realistic expectations.

Bring top candidates onsite

For the best sense of a candidate’s potential, bring top prospects onsite for in-person interviews, meetings, and evaluations. Make the extra effort to facilitate a visit, even for international hires. Face-to-face, you can observe how they interact with colleagues, give a presentation, collaborate, and think on their feet. You’ll gain insights into their communication skills, leadership abilities, and enthusiasm for the work. An onsite visit is the best way to determine if you’ve found an ideal match and helps ensure new hires will be successful and engaged for the long run.

Following these strategies will help streamline your international hiring process and find dedicated IT professionals excited to join your team. With the right candidate selection process, you can discover top talent anywhere in the world.


At the end of the day, hiring top talent is a challenging process no matter where in the world you’re looking. But by following these strategies, we’ve found that recruiting abroad can open up access to an incredible pool of skilled candidates. Staying flexible in your approach, using local resources, and embracing cultural differences are key. While it may require extra effort, finding amazing talent outside your own borders is well worth it. The rewards of a diverse, global team are huge. So don’t be afraid to take the leap—there’s a whole world of talent out there waiting to be discovered! 

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