IT Staffing Companies Build High-Impact Teams


August, 2023

IT Staffing Companies Build High-Impact Teams

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You know how difficult it can be to find top IT talent. Between trying to determine exactly what skills and experience you need, posting jobs, sorting through countless resumes, and interviewing candidates, hiring new technical staff can feel like a full-time job in itself. 

That's why many companies are turning to IT staffing agencies to help build their teams. But not all staffing agencies are created equal. The best ones do more than just fill positions. They take the time to understand your unique needs, culture, and work environment. They evaluate candidates beyond just technical skills, looking for key soft skills and fit. And they don't just make placements, they focus on long-term partnerships and high-impact hires. 

If you're looking to scale your IT team, here are a few things to look for in an IT staffing agency that will set you up for success.

Look Beyond Hard Skills: Evaluate Soft Skills and Company Fit

Our in-depth interviews reveal if a candidate has the soft skills to succeed in your company.

To find the perfect IT candidates for your team, a staffing agency has to look beyond just technical skills. Soft skills and company culture fit matter just as much.

As an IT staffing agency, ABC Recruiting begins by getting to know your company culture inside and out. We take the time to understand your mission, values, work environment, and team dynamics. That way we can assess if a candidate will thrive in your unique setting.

We also evaluate each candidate’s soft skills, like communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. For IT roles, skills like explaining complex ideas to non-technical colleagues or collaborating on a team are crucial. Our in-depth interviews reveal if a candidate has the soft skills to succeed in your company.

Look for passion and continuous learning

The best IT pros are passionate and constantly improving their knowledge. We look for candidates who keep their technical skills up-to-date through ongoing learning and certification. People who love their work will do whatever it takes to solve your technical problems and support your business objectives.

Consider career goals and work-life balance

A candidate’s career goals and desired work-life balance have to align with what your company can offer. If a candidate wants to work long hours to accelerate their career, that may not fit with a company focused on work-life balance. We make sure each candidate’s priorities match what is realistic in your organization.

By focusing on soft skills, company culture fit, a passion for the work, and career goals, our IT staffing agency helps ensure we place candidates that will have a meaningful impact on your team. Our goal is to find not just any IT pro, but the right IT pro for your company.

Present Top Candidates That Align With Company Culture

As an IT staffing agency, one of your top priorities is ensuring a successful match between your candidates and clients. For IT roles in particular, it’s not just about technical skills but also finding people who will thrive in the company culture. Some tips for presenting top candidates that align with culture:

Ask About Company Values

We encourage our recruiters to discuss our company's mission, values, and work environment with the candidates. This helps determine if the candidates are a good cultural fit. The best matches often come from shared values between the candidate and client's organization.

Check References

Speaking with former managers and colleagues provides valuable insights into a candidate's compatibility with company culture. By asking targeted questions about the candidate's work style, ability to collaborate with diverse teams, and potential for growth we gain a deeper understanding of their fit.

Address Any Concerns

Should we or our clients have any concerns about a candidate's adaptability to culture, we believe in open and honest discussions. With awareness and commitment, the right candidate can overcome initial cultural obstacles. We may also suggest a trial period to ensure a harmonious fit for both parties.

By thoughtfully evaluating culture fit, ABC Recruiting Inc. can place candidates who thrive and reach their full potential within the client's organization. Our focus on soft skills, company values, reference checks, and addressing concerns ensures high-impact hires that our clients seek.

We believe that the extra effort invested upfront pays off for all parties involved.

At ABC Recruiting Inc., our aim is to provide our clients with high-quality talent. Assisting them in conducting effective interviews and making the best hiring choices leads to successful long-term placements and partnerships. We believe that the extra effort invested upfront pays off for all parties involved.

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