How to Build a Diverse IT Team in Canada


June, 2023

How to Build a Diverse IT Team in Canada

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You know that building a diverse and inclusive team is crucial for success in today's global economy. As an IT leader, you want the best talent and a range of perspectives to drive innovation. But creating a truly diverse team in the tech sector isn't easy, especially in Canada. The pool of candidates isn't as diverse as it could be, and unconscious biases often creep into the hiring process.

Expand Your Candidate Pool: Where to Find Diverse IT Talent

Finding diverse IT talent in Canada requires casting a wide net. Don’t just post jobs on the usual job sites—expand your search to include places that attract more diverse candidates.

Check out community organizations that support underrepresented groups in tech like Canada Learning Code, Ladies Learning Code, and Hackergal. Post jobs on their sites and at local meetups. These organizations have connections to skilled, diverse talent.

Partner with coding bootcamps and community colleges. They offer training for people from all backgrounds to learn in-demand tech skills. Build relationships and promote your jobs to recent grads.

Search for candidates on diversity-focused job sites like Diversify Tech, Tech Ladies, and Power to Fly. You’ll find skilled candidates from all backgrounds.

Don’t forget about employee referrals. Ask your current diverse employees to spread the word about job openings in their networks. Referrals are one of the best ways to find qualified, diverse candidates.

Widen your search to include international candidates. Canada’s tech immigration programs make it possible to hire highly-skilled immigrants. Use services like LinkedIn, AngelList, and HackerRank to connect with talent from around the world.

With an open and proactive approach, you can build a robust, diverse candidate pool. Finding the right people is the first step to creating an inclusive IT team. Put in the effort and be rewarded with innovative, engaged employees from all backgrounds. Your company and customers will benefit from their diverse perspectives.

Provide Unconscious Bias Training for Hiring Managers and Interviewers

As an IT recruiting agency, one of the most important things you can do to build a diverse team is provide unconscious bias training for your hiring managers and interviewers. Unconscious biases are stereotypes, perceptions, and assumptions we hold without realizing it. These implicit biases can negatively impact hiring decisions and lead to less diverse teams.

By educating your staff about unconscious bias, you can help address discriminatory behaviors and create a fairer hiring process. Some key things to cover in the training include:

  1. Defining different types of biases like affinity bias, confirmation bias, and halo/horn effect. Give examples of how these biases might show up in the hiring process.
  2. Discussing the impact of microaggressions and how to avoid them. Microaggressions are subtle verbal or non-verbal slights that can make candidates feel unwelcome or marginalized.
  3. Promoting an inclusive mindset. Encourage interviewers to evaluate candidates based on their qualifications for the job, not on stereotypes. Challenge any assumptions that certain groups are not a “good fit” for IT roles.
  4. Focusing on the candidate’s potential, not just their experience. When we rely too heavily on previous experience, it can disadvantage candidates from underrepresented groups who have faced more barriers to opportunities. Look for transferable skills and the ability to learn.
  5. Standardizing the interview process. Create structured interviews with consistent, competency-based questions to evaluate all candidates objectively on the skills required for the role. Limit opportunities for personal biases to influence the interview.

By making inclusiveness a priority and providing the right training, you can transform your hiring practices to reduce bias and build a diverse IT team that reflects the diversity of skills and experiences in the wider population. And that will benefit both your company culture and your business results.

Offer a Competitive and Equitable Compensation Package

To build a diverse IT team, you need to offer compensation and benefits that will attract top talent from all backgrounds. Think beyond just salary—consider the entire package you're providing and how it can be equitable and appealing to people from all walks of life.

Provide Competitive Pay

Do thorough research to determine the typical salary range for the positions you're hiring for. You want to offer at least the median pay, if not slightly higher. People from underrepresented groups often face pay discrimination, so competitive pay is key to overcoming that barrier.

Offer Additional Incentives

Consider providing signing bonuses, performance bonuses, extra paid time off, flexible work schedules, and opportunities for career growth. These types of incentives and benefits are highly valued across demographics and can make your company stand out.

Ensure Equitable Benefits

Provide benefits that meet the diverse needs of your employees. For example, offer extended health plans that include vision and dental. Consider providing childcare, parental leave, and healthcare benefits that include services for transgender employees. These types of inclusive benefits make a company an attractive place to work for people from all backgrounds.

Promote Work-Life Balance

People from all demographics today value having a good work-life balance. Offer generous paid time off, flexible work hours, and the ability to work remotely when possible. An equitable work culture where people feel they have time for their lives outside of work will lead to a more diverse, productive team.

To build an inclusive IT team, you need to make sure your compensation, benefits, and overall work culture are appealing and equitable for people from all walks of life. Offering competitive pay, additional incentives, inclusive benefits, and promoting work-life balance are all key to overcoming barriers and attracting top, diverse talent. With the right package, you'll find yourself with a team as diverse as the Canadian population.

FAQs: Answers to Your Questions About Building a Diverse IT Team

What does a diverse IT team look like?

A diverse IT team includes people from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This could mean hiring women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and people from the LGBTQ+ community. A diverse team will have a mix of ages, cultures, and ways of thinking.

Why is a diverse IT team important?

A diverse team leads to more innovation. Different perspectives and life experiences bring new ideas. A diverse team also better reflects your customer base. Employees from underrepresented groups can provide insight into the needs and experiences of minority groups.

How can I build a diverse IT team?

There are a few best practices for building a diverse IT team:

Broaden your candidate pool. Post jobs on sites that reach underrepresented groups. Reach out to minority professional organizations.

Review your hiring practices. Look for unconscious biases in job posts, screening, and interviewing. Provide diversity and inclusion training for hiring managers.

Focus on skills, not degrees. Consider candidates with non-traditional education and experience. Skills and ability are more important than formal credentials.

What questions should I ask to promote diversity?

Here are some questions you can ask to build an inclusive team:

  • How will this role contribute to a diverse and inclusive work environment?
  • What strategies would you use to mitigate unconscious bias in the hiring process?
  • How would you handle a situation where an employee was being discriminated against or harassed?
  • What experience do you have managing or working with a diverse group of people?
  • How would you make employees from underrepresented groups feel included and valued?

By asking the right questions, setting clear expectations, and making diversity and inclusion a priority in your hiring process, you'll build an IT team that is innovative, productive, and reflective of the community you serve. An inclusive culture where people feel respected and valued will lead to greater success.

Embrace Diversity for a Thriving Future in Technology

So there you have it, some practical tips for building a diverse and inclusive IT team in Canada. It may require some extra effort and resources on your part, but having a team with a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives will benefit your company in the long run. When you make diversity and inclusion a priority in your hiring and workplace culture, you open yourself up to new ideas, stronger problem-solving, and better connections with your customers and community. If you follow the best practices we've outlined, you'll be well on your way to fostering an IT department, and company, where people from all walks of life can thrive and reach their full potential. The future of technology depends on it. Now get out there and start building that dream team!

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