How to Build an Eco-Friendly Tech Recruiting Strategy


October, 2023

How to Build an Eco-Friendly Tech Recruiting Strategy

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Ever wondered how you can make your tech recruiting efforts more environmentally friendly? You're not alone. With climate change an urgent issue, companies everywhere are reevaluating their practices to reduce their carbon footprint. If you're in charge of hiring for your tech team, it's worth considering how you can build a sustainable recruiting strategy. The good news is, there are some simple changes you can make that have a big impact. In this article, we'll explore eco-friendly tips and tricks to help you attract top tech talent in an environmentally responsible way. From optimizing your job ads and leveraging green recruiting tools to hosting virtual hiring events, you have more options than you might realize to go green and still get the talent you need. Ready to do your part in building a greener future? Let's dive in.

The Importance of Sustainable Sourcing for Tech Talent

The tech industry is booming, but with constant innovation comes an increasing demand for top talent. As an eco-friendly tech company, your recruiting strategy needs to align with your green values. Sustainable sourcing - actively seeking out and hiring candidates from underrepresented groups - is key.

First, focus your efforts on passive candidates from diverse backgrounds. Tap into your networks and connections within the tech community to find qualified candidates who may not be actively job searching. Offer internships, apprenticeships and entry-level roles to people from disadvantaged communities trying to break into the industry.

Next, improve your job listings and screening process. Write inclusive job descriptions highlighting opportunities for growth, and evaluate candidates based on skills and potential, not just credentials. Consider dropping degree requirements when possible and judging based on competence.

Finally, build partnerships with organizations promoting diversity and inclusion in tech. Sponsor tech education programs, host hackathons, and provide mentors and advisors. Raise awareness about opportunities in tech for underserved groups.

With the demand for tech talent at an all-time high, sustainable sourcing is a win-win. You gain access to a wider pool of candidates, while promoting a more just and equitable industry. Candidates from diverse backgrounds get a foot in the door at your company, enabling them to launch successful tech careers. And your business benefits from a range of perspectives that spur innovation.

Sustainable sourcing - it's good for the planet, good for people, and good for your company's bottom line. What's not to like?

Ways to Make Your IT Recruiting More Eco-Friendly

To build an eco-friendly tech recruiting strategy, there are a few steps you can take.

First, consider expanding your search to include remote candidates. By tapping into the global talent pool, you open up more opportunities to find qualified candidates without requiring relocation. This reduces the environmental impact of moving and provides flexibility for candidates to live wherever they choose.

You should also optimize your interview process. Rather than flying candidates in for initial interviews, conduct video interviews. Once you narrow down to your top choices, you can then bring them in for face-to-face meetings. This approach cuts down on unnecessary travel and expenses.

Post jobs on sites that focus on remote and tech roles, like, and FlexJobs. You'll reach candidates specifically looking for eco-friendly work options. Make sure to clearly communicate your remote culture and values in your job listings and company branding to attract candidates aligned with your mission.

For in-person roles, consider candidates from your local area first. Expand the radius only as needed. When you do bring candidates into the office, pay for public transit or parking and avoid scheduling multiple candidates to travel in on the same day when possible.

With some simple, intentional changes, you can build an IT recruiting strategy that's kind to the planet. And by promoting an eco-friendly culture, you'll attract top talent that shares your values. It's a win-win for your company and the environment.

Measuring and Improving the Sustainability of Your Tech Hiring

To improve the sustainability of your tech hiring, you need to start measuring it. Some key metrics to track include:

Candidate experience

Survey candidates on their experience in your hiring process. Look for ways to streamline communication, shorten timelines, and make the experience more positive. Candidates who have a good experience will spread the word, building your brand and helping you attract more great talent.

Diversity and inclusion

Track the diversity of your candidate pool and new hires. Look at metrics like gender, ethnicity, age, and professional background. If certain groups are underrepresented, examine your sourcing and hiring practices to remove any biases. A more diverse team leads to more creativity and innovation.


Once you hire new talent, track how long they stay and their job satisfaction. High turnover means you’re wasting resources continually re-hiring and re-training. Survey new hires at 3, 6 and 12 months to get feedback on their experience and look for ways to improve onboarding and company culture.


Referrals are the most sustainable way to hire, as current employees recommend people from their networks who they think would be a great fit. Track how many candidates and hires come from referrals. Consider offering referral bonuses or other incentives to encourage employees to refer top talent.

Environmental impact

Consider the environmental costs of your recruiting methods like travel required for in-person interviews, paper used, and energy consumed. See if there are ways to streamline the process through remote tools like video conferencing, collaboration software, and applicant tracking systems. Reducing waste and your carbon footprint is an important step towards eco-friendly hiring.

By consistently measuring these key metrics, you can find ways to strengthen your recruiting eco-system and build a sustainable talent acquisition strategy. Focusing on the candidate and employee experience, diversity, retention, referrals, and reducing environmental impact will help create a healthy, renewable pipeline of tech talent.


So there you have it. A few easy steps that can help move your tech recruiting strategy into the 21st century and make it more environmentally sustainable. Think of it as doing your small part to build a greener future for the tech industry. By tapping into remote work options, looking locally for talent, and using less paper in your processes, you'll be well on your way. And don't forget about the little touches like offering relocation assistance for those open to moving to your area. Every effort makes a difference. While going completely green may still be a ways off, implementing even a few of these eco-friendly recruiting practices can help reduce your carbon footprint. So what are you waiting for? Start making those little changes today and do your part to build a sustainable future for tech. The planet will thank you for it.

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