Real Estate Recruitment: ABC Recruiting Insights


June, 2023

Real Estate Recruitment: ABC Recruiting Insights

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Have you noticed how technology has transformed the way we live and work over the past decade? From smartphones and social media to artificial intelligence and automation, technology has disrupted nearly every industry. Real estate is no exception. As an IT recruiter focused on the real estate sector, you’ve likely seen firsthand how technology has changed the skills and roles that companies now hire for. In this article, we’ll explore the key ways technology is changing the types of IT jobs available in real estate as well as the skills and experience that companies are looking for when hiring new technical talent. We’ll also discuss how real estate companies can adapt their recruiting strategies to keep up with these changes. The future of real estate IT is digital, so companies that want to stay ahead need to understand how technology is transforming their talent needs.

The Rise of Applicant Tracking Systems and CRMs

These days, technology is changing the game for IT recruitment in real estate. As an IT recruitment agency, ABC Recruiting Inc. has seen firsthand how tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software are transforming the hiring process.

ATS and CRM platforms help companies like yours source, screen, and hire top tech talent more efficiently. An ATS automatically collects and organizes candidate information from places like your website, LinkedIn, and job boards. It uses algorithms to determine the best matches for your open roles based on skills, experience, and other factors. This allows your team to focus their efforts on the most promising applicants.

A CRM system takes it a step further by helping you build and manage relationships with candidates and new hires. It stores contact information, notes from phone screens and interviews, start dates, and more in one centralized database. Your recruiters can get a 360-degree view of where each candidate is in the hiring pipeline and personalize follow-ups.

Between ATS and CRM software, technology is making it faster and easier to find skilled IT professionals to join your company. At ABC Recruiting, we use the latest tools and techniques to source high-quality candidates for positions across the real estate industry. Let us put the power of technology to work for your next IT hire.

The Impact of Remote Hiring on Real Estate Tech Recruitment

Challenges of Onboarding Remotely

While remote hiring certainly has its benefits, it also introduces some difficulties. Onboarding new team members from a distance can be tricky, especially when it comes to providing mentorship and helping them get fully up to speed. It may take longer for remote employees to feel like a cohesive part of the team.

Some tips for effective remote onboarding:

  1. Send necessary equipment ahead of time. Provide a company laptop, monitor, keyboard, etc. so they have everything they need to get started.
  2. Schedule video calls. Hold frequent video meetings, especially in the first few weeks. This helps build rapport and allows for face-to-face communication.
  3. Assign a mentor. Pair the new hire with an experienced team member who can offer guidance and support as they navigate the role.
  4. Clarify expectations. Be very clear in communicating your expectations around work hours, response times, productivity, and key performance indicators. This avoids confusion and ensures alignment.

While remote hiring and onboarding may require extra effort, the rewards of finding and retaining top tech talent make it well worth it. With the right strategies and tools in place, real estate companies can build highly effective distributed IT teams.

How ABC Recruiting Inc. Helps Real Estate Companies Hire Top Tech Talent

ABC Recruiting Inc. Understands the Tech Talent Needs of Real Estate Companies

We Have a Vast Network of Qualified Candidates

Through our extensive network and recruitment process, we have access to a large pool of qualified candidates for technology positions.

We Handle the Recruitment Process From Start to Finish

ABC Recruiting Inc. manages the entire recruitment process for you—from writing the job listing to conducting initial phone screens to scheduling in-person interviews. We:

  • Post your job on the top job sites in Canada to maximize exposure to qualified candidates.
  • Review applications and resumes to identify the best potential matches for your role based on skills, experience, qualifications, and culture fit.
  • Conduct phone screens to evaluate technical abilities, soft skills, salary expectations, and job interests.
  • Schedule and coordinate initial in-person interviews with your hiring team.
  • Assist in facilitating offer negotiation and onboarding of the selected candidate.

By leveraging our expertise, networks, and end-to-end recruitment process, ABC Recruiting Inc. can help real estate companies hire highly skilled technology talent without the hassle. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and help our clients create high-performance IT teams.

Tech-Driven Transformation

So there you have it, technology is rapidly transforming how real estate companies find and hire top IT talent. The future is bright for real estate companies looking to scale their tech teams. With the help of tech-savvy recruiting partners, you'll be able to attract, hire and retain the best and brightest IT professionals to drive innovation. The real estate industry is evolving fast, but with the right talent and technology by your side, you'll be poised to adapt and succeed.

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