Recruiting Tech Talent for Renewable Startups


August, 2023

Recruiting Tech Talent for Renewable Startups

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For a tech-focused renewable business, scoring top IT talent should be priority number one. But how do you convince the best and brightest to join your fledgling operation rather than an established player? How do you keep them engaged once they're on board? This guide will walk you through proven strategies for attracting, hiring, and retaining the tech superstars that will drive your company's success. Get ready to roll up your sleeves - building a powerhouse team is hard work, but well worth the effort. If you follow this roadmap, you'll be hiring rockstars in no time and keeping them happy for years to come.

For those involved in the climate tech sector, it's evident that the industry is expanding at a swift pace. Despite economic uncertainties, climate tech startups received a remarkable $70.1 billion in venture capital funding worldwide in 2022, as stated in a HolonIQ report. This marks an 89% surge compared to 2021 and more than a 40-fold increase from the investments made in 2013. With the ongoing deterioration of climate conditions, the need for solutions offered by climate tech firms, and consequently, investments in such enterprises, is projected to escalate.

Unique Challenges For Renewable Startups Tech Hiring

Attracting top tech talent is challenging for any startup, but renewable energy companies face some unique hurdles. 
For one, many of the specialized skills you need - like experience with smart grids, energy storage systems or microgrids - are in high demand and short supply. You'll be competing with big utilities and tech companies for candidates with expertise in these emerging fields.

Another issue is that some engineers may perceive renewables as risky or unstable. You'll need to convince them of the growth opportunities and job security in the renewable energy sector. Focus on meaningful work, competitive pay and benefits, and a mission to fight climate change.

While recruiting tech talent in renewables has challenges, the rewards are huge. With the right strategy, your startup can attract engineers that will drive innovation and help build a sustainable energy future. By understanding their motivations and values, closing candidates, and keeping them engaged, you'll gain a recruiting edge and a team poised for success.

Recruiting Strategy 

Build a Great EVP Highlighting the Hire's Positive Impact

To attract top tech talent, you need to build an employee value proposition (EVP) that highlights the positive impact they can have in a renewable energy startup.

EVP matters for several important reasons:

  • Attracting Top Talent
  • Employee Retention
  • Cultural Fit
  • Employee Engagement
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Positive Reputation

More about EVP you can read here - How to Create an Employer Value Proposition

Incorporate Your Mission into Your Employer Brand

Emphasize your company’s purpose and goals. IT professionals, especially Millennials and Gen Z, want to work for organizations that make a positive impact. Stress how your startup is innovating renewable energy and fighting climate change. Discuss your vision for a sustainable future and clean technology.

Share stories of the real-world impacts of your work. Explain how your products or services are transforming people’s lives or reducing environmental harm.

Promote your company’s values and priorities. Discuss things like environmental responsibility, improving communities, and technical excellence. This will resonate with candidates who care about those causes.

Highlight opportunities for growth and career development. Many IT specialists seek constant learning and skill-building. Discuss potential for promotions, raises, and taking on more responsibility over time.

Promote an Inclusive Culture

Top talent wants to work in diverse, equitable environments. Showcase your startup’s culture of inclusiveness and work-life balance.

Feature photos of your diverse, intergenerational team on your website and job ads. This conveys that people of all backgrounds are welcome and valued.

Discuss flexible work options like remote work, flexible schedules, and generous paid time off. This appeals to candidates who want good work-life balance.

Share stories of women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups in leadership and technical roles. This demonstrates your commitment to equal opportunity and overcoming biases.

By promoting an authentic mission and inclusive culture, renewable energy startups can attract idealistic, socially-conscious IT professionals. Candidates will see that they can build a meaningful career while also making a positive impact on the world. Focusing your employer brand around these priorities will give your startup a competitive edge in recruiting top tech talent.

Discover and Highlight Valuable Skills for IT Role

To attract top IT talent, renewable energy startups need to understand what skills and experience are most valuable for their open roles. Showcasing the opportunities for career growth and learning will make your company stand out.

IT Specialists in Renewable Sector

Technical skills

The latest programming languages, frameworks, and systems are always in high demand. Java, C++, Python, and SQL are commonly required for backend roles. Frontend engineers need expertise in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics are also popular fields.

Promote any on-the-job training or certifications you provide. Many IT professionals value constant learning and skill development. Highlight relevant courses, conferences, online tutorials, and professional groups you support.

Soft skills

Soft skills like communication, creativity, and problem-solving are equally important. Explain how your company culture values collaboration, innovative thinking, and overcoming challenges. These talents can be more difficult to find but set apart truly exceptional candidates.

Growth potential

Top performers want opportunities for career advancement. Discuss possible career paths, from junior to senior level roles. Mention mentoring programs and examples of internal promotions. The potential for higher pay, more responsibility, and a meaningful career trajectory will attract candidates looking to grow with your company long-term.

In summary, highlight the most in-demand and valuable skills for your open IT positions. Emphasize learning, growth, work-life balance, and company culture. The right candidate - with both technical and soft skills - is out there. Focus your recruiting efforts on promoting what will motivate them to join your renewable energy startup.

Sourcing Qualified IT Candidates for Your Startup

Attracting top IT talent to your renewable startup begins with sourcing great candidates. Here are some tips to find qualified individuals:

Tap into your network

Don't underestimate the power of networking. Let friends, former colleagues, and mentors know you're hiring. They may know skilled candidates or be able to connect you with people in their network. Offer a referral bonus to motivate people to scout for talent on your behalf.
Post on job sites

Use popular job sites like Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn to post your openings. Make your listings detailed and appealing. Focus on the exciting mission of your company and opportunity for growth to attract interest. Offer a competitive salary and highlight your startup's benefits and perks.

Search proactively

Don't just wait for applicants to come to you. Proactively search sites like Stack Overflow, GitHub, and LinkedIn for people with the right skills and experience. Reach out to them directly to gage their interest in new opportunities. Many qualified individuals don't actively look for new jobs but may be open to an interesting new challenge.

Tap into educational institutions

Building relationships with nearby colleges, universities, and coding bootcamps is a great way to source new talent. See if you can give a guest lecture, sponsor a hackathon, or offer internships. This exposure will make students aware of your company and mission. Top interns and recent grads may turn into exceptional full-time hires.

Consider diversity

A diverse range of backgrounds and experiences leads to a more creative problem-solving environment. Make an effort to reach underrepresented groups in tech like women, minorities, and veterans. Partner with organizations that support these communities and be open to candidates from non-traditional tech backgrounds. With the right training, they can become your startup's secret weapons.
Sourcing great talent takes work, but by leveraging your network, posting widely, searching proactively, engaging educational institutions, and prioritizing diversity, you'll find amazing people to join your renewable startup. The key is making your company visible and appealing to qualified individuals from all backgrounds. With the right hires in place, you'll be poised for success.


So that's it - the keys to recruiting and keeping the best tech talent in renewable energy. Focus on the mission and impact, provide constant learning and growth, build an innovative culture, and make people's lives easier with flexible policies. Do that, and you'll have the most talented IT pros lining up to join your team. At the end of the day, people want to feel like their work matters and they're progressing in their careers. Give them that, treat them well, and the technical skills will follow. Keep these tips in mind as you build your renewable startup, and before you know it, you'll have an all-star team pushing the future of energy. The mission is too important not to.

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