Recruitment Strategy: Building Relationships with IT Candidates


April, 2023

Recruitment Strategy: Building Relationships with IT Candidates

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As an IT recruitment agency, your goal is to identify top talent and successfully place them in roles. But the key to a successful placement is building meaningful relationships with IT candidates. This can be difficult in a world of virtual interviews, video calls, and communication across countries and time zones—but it’s a necessary step for success.
At ABC Recruiting Inc., we understand the power of relationship building. We have formulated strategies that allow us to build strong relationships with our IT candidates and maintain them over time, ultimately resulting in successful placements.
In this article, we’ll share our best strategies for building and maintaining relationships with IT candidates—including tips on forming a strong connection during remote interactions, tailoring messaging to their preferences, and engaging with them even after they’ve been placed in their new role.

Developing a Relationship With Your IT Candidates

Developing a Relationship With Your IT Candidates
Developing a Relationship With Your IT Candidates

Having a positive relationship with potential IT candidates can be the key to success when it comes to recruiting and hiring. It is important to take the time to develop a relationship with each candidate so that they want to come back for interviews and potentially accept a job offer.
Here are some strategies for developing a strong relationship with your IT candidates:

  • Listen carefully and be attentive during conversations. This shows that you value their opinions and respect their skillset.
  • Ask the right questions during conversations. Make sure they know you’re interested in what they have to say and what their experience is like so you can determine if they’re the right fit for your company.
  • Provide feedback throughout the recruitment process. This will help the candidate understand why they may not have been selected for a position, as well as give them insight into how they can improve in future applications or interviews. Additionally, it will show that you care about their experience and want them to be successful.
  • Make use of modern communication technologies such as video chat, Email, etc so that you can easily communicate with your IT candidates no matter where they are located. You’ll be able to provide feedback or set up interviews quickly and effectively when needed.

These strategies will help ensure that you’re building a strong relationship with your IT candidates throughout the interview process, making them more likely to come back for future job opportunities or reference roles at your company in the future.

Create Engaging & Informative Content About Your Company for IT Candidates

Content marketing is a great way to grab the attention of IT candidates and keep them engaged. It doesn’t have to be boring either - it’s your opportunity to show off the company’s achievements, growth, values, and more. This makes IT candidates feel like they can connect with the company on a personal level and get the full picture of what working at the company would actually be like.
When creating content, focus on topics that are relevant to IT candidates. You could create articles about exciting technical advances, or blog posts about new technologies being implemented or integrated within the business. If possible, also include interviews with existing members of staff in similar roles to show off what your team is capable of achieving.
Creating engaging content will make IT candidates feel respected and appreciated - it’s not just about recruiting them, but communicating with them directly too! Providing informative content will also help them make a more informed decision when considering job applications from your business.
Make the Recruitment Process Fun and Memorable for IT Candidates
When trying to build and maintain relationships with IT candidates, why not make the recruitment process an enjoyable, memorable experience? After all, they are likely to tell others of their experience and, if it is a positive one, it can help you generate more interest in your company.

Show the Human Side of Your Company

Let candidates see that there is a human side to your company by providing them with helpful advice throughout the recruitment process. Provide honest feedback on their skills and experience, be transparent about your hiring process, and let them know what they should expect from you as a potential employer. If you provide them with valuable advice, they are more likely to remember you and may even recommend your company to friends or colleagues who could be interested in working for you.

Connections Are Everything

Encourage candidates to make connections with current employees of your company. Ask the employees to join in on video calls or host virtual events so that the candidate can get a better sense for what it would be like to work for your company. These events should also be used as an opportunity for candidates to ask questions about the roles or their prospective job responsibilities and gain insight into what it is like working at your company.
By making the recruitment process fun and memorable for IT candidates, you're more likely to build strong relationships with them and turn them into engaged team members down the line!

Tracking and Maintaining Relationships With Your IT Candidates

When it comes to IT recruiting, relationships are everything. Building and maintaining relationships with the IT talent you recruit can not only ensure you meet your staffing goals but also help you build a reliable and consistent talent pool. So, how can you track and maintain relationships with your IT candidates?

Regularly Check Your Database

Keeping a close eye on the status of your IT candidates should be part of your recruitment process. Regularly check if they’re still looking for an opportunity or already have taken another job somewhere else. This way, you can keep track of any changes in their availability and qualifications so that you’re always up-to-date on the latest developments in their career journey.

Cultivate Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships with your IT candidates is also essential when it comes to maintaining successful recruitment strategies for the long term. Investing in these relationships will show them that they are valued and help them stay engaged in your recruitment process—making it easier for both parties to nurture trust between one another over time.
At ABC Recruiting Inc., we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our potential IT talent so we can bring incredible people onboard as quickly as possible. Reach out today discover how we can help!


Relationship building and maintenance with IT candidates is an incredibly important part of any successful IT recruiting program. By following these steps, your IT team can ensure that the relationships you build with IT candidates are both strong and long-lasting.
By investing time in relationship building and maintenance with IT candidates, your company can reap the long-term rewards of a successful and engaged IT team. ABC Recruiting Inc. can provide your IT team with the support they need to find and retain the best IT candidates in the market.

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