Scammers in the Job Market: how to recognize and protect yourself


October, 2023

Scammers in the Job Market: how to recognize and protect yourself

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Hey there techies and IT pros, listen up. The job market is hot for your skills but unfortunately, so are the scammers. They see you, recent grads and career switchers, as easy targets. Scammers have gotten crafty but you can outsmart them. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for so you avoid getting duped. You've got this as long as you go in with your eyes open. Here's how to spot the scams.

Scammers Are Targeting the Hot IT Job Market

Scammers are targeting one of the hottest job markets right now: IT. As companies scramble to hire tech talent, scammers see opportunity. They create fake job postings, reach out with “opportunities” on LinkedIn, and even conduct video interviews to seem legitimate.

The IT job market is booming, but that also means more scammers targeting job seekers. Stay vigilant, trust your instincts, and remember: if something seems off about an “opportunity”, it's best to pass. Your time and money are too valuable to waste on fraud. With caution and common sense, you can land a legitimate and exciting new tech role.

Common Red Flags to Watch Out for in Job Listings

When job hunting in the tech field, you have to keep your guard up. Sadly, there are scammers out there looking to take advantage of eager job seekers. Watch out for these common red flags in job listings:

Job Descriptions That Sound Too Good to Be True

If a listing promises huge pay, amazing benefits, and minimal experience needed, it's probably a scam. Legit companies provide realistic job descriptions and compensation. Be wary of listings that seem "too good to be true."

  • Extremely high pay for little experience. If it sounds unrealistic, it probably is.
  • Over the top benefits like unlimited paid time off, frequent bonuses, or lavish perks. Most companies provide standard benefits.
  • Minimal experience or qualifications needed for a senior role. Advancement takes time and work.

Pressure to Provide Sensitive Information

Never provide sensitive data like your social security number, bank account info, or passwords to a potential "employer." Legitimate companies will not ask for this information during the interview or hiring process.

Urging You to Act Quickly

Scammers try to get you to act fast before you have time to verify the details or think it over. Take your time and do some research on the company. If they pressure you to act quickly, it's a sign they're hiding something.

The IT job market can be a prime target for cunning scammers looking to take advantage of eager candidates. By learning the warning signs and following the steps to limit damage if scammed, you can avoid becoming an easy victim. Stay vigilant, trust your instincts, and don’t let scammers distract you from finding a legitimate and fulfilling new job opportunity.

Eye-opening webinar for job-seekers

If you're eager to deepen your understanding of the pressing issue of scammers infiltrating the job market, we highly recommend joining our upcoming webinar. Scheduled for the 18th of October 2023, this enlightening event will be conducted online, commencing at 13:00 MST.

Our distinguished host for the webinar will be none other than Marianna Hrynyshyn, the co-owner and CEO of ABC Recruiting Inc. With her extensive experience in the recruitment industry, Marianna is well-versed in identifying and combating scammers within the job market.

In addition to Marianna, we are thrilled to announce our esteemed special guests, John Zabiuk and Stan Gorbanov.

  • John Zabiuk, the Chair of the Cybersecurity Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, brings a wealth of expertise in cybersecurity. He will shed light on the technical aspects and intricacies of dealing with scammers in the job market.
  • Accompanying him is Stan Gorbanov, a seasoned Cyber Security Provider boasting over 15 years of invaluable IT experience. Stan will provide invaluable insights based on his extensive professional background.

By attending this webinar, you'll gain valuable knowledge and practical strategies to recognize and protect yourself from scammers in the job market. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from these seasoned experts. Save the date, 18th October 2023, and ensure you're there at 13:00 MST. Your journey to a safer job market begins with this webinar.

Act now to ensure you're part of this enlightening experience. Register for the webinar and take a proactive step towards a safer job market.

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