3 Secrets to Successful IT Sourcing in North America


June, 2023

3 Secrets to Successful IT Sourcing in North America

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You’ve decided it’s time to look for an IT sourcing partner in North America to help scale your tech team. Great idea! But before you dive into evaluating vendors and sending out RFPs, it’s important to understand a few key secrets to finding the right sourcing solution for your needs. We’ve identified three strategies that can make or break your search. Follow these secrets and you’ll be well on your way to building a high-performing extended team. Keep reading to unlock the keys to IT sourcing success in North America and find a partner as invested in your growth as you are.

Map Your IT Needs and Requirements

If you want to successfully source IT talent in North America, you need to start with a solid plan. Map out your needs and requirements so you know exactly what you're looking for.

What roles do you need to fill? Developers, engineers, programmers, analysts? Think about the technical and soft skills required for each position. The more specific you can be, the better.

Next, determine if you need contract/temporary or permanent hires. Contract roles typically require a faster turnaround, so factor that into your timeline.

Also, consider your budget and salary range for each role. The IT field is competitive, so be prepared to pay at or above market rates to attract top talent.

Once you have a clear picture of your needs, requirements, and limitations, you can start sourcing candidates. Leverage your networks, post jobs on industry sites, work with recruiting agencies that specialize in IT staffing. Be open to candidates from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the best hires may come from nontraditional places.

With the right planning and sourcing strategy, you'll find skilled IT professionals to join your team. But remember, the key is defining your needs first before you start searching for solutions. Take the time to map out the details, and you'll be well on your way to successful IT sourcing.

Leverage Specialized IT Recruiters and Staffing Firms

When sourcing IT talent in North America, don’t go it alone. Work with specialized IT staffing and recruiting firms who have the connections and expertise to find the best candidates.

IT recruiting agencies focus solely on the tech sector. ABC Recruiting Inc. understand the distinct hiring needs and challenges of IT roles. We’ve built networks of qualified candidates and have the skills to screen for the technical and soft skills you need.

Using a staffing firm saves you time and money. Staffing firm can handle the initial vetting and screening, presenting you with only the best candidates for your open positions. Their dedicated account managers get to know your company culture and hiring preferences to find candidates who will fit right in.

An added benefit of partnering with an IT staffing agency is that candidates tend to view them as a mark of a progressive, tech-friendly workplace. This can give you a competitive edge in attracting top talent.

The key is finding an IT recruiting firm that specializes in your location and the types of roles you typically hire for, whether that’s software engineers, data scientists, or cybersecurity experts. Ask about their screening process, job board usage, and how they stay on top of the latest tech skills and hiring trends. With the right partner, you’ll gain access to a ready-made pipeline of skilled candidates for all your IT hiring needs.

Conduct Thorough Candidate Screening and Reference Checks

Check References and Recommendations

When sourcing IT vendors, you need to go beyond just evaluating the companies themselves. Make sure you also thoroughly screen their references and check their recommendations. After all, the companies will likely handpick references that paint them in the best light.

Reach out to the vendor’s references and ask open-ended questions about their experiences. Try to determine if the references actually used the services recently and in a comparable way to your needs. See if you can spot any hesitancy or less than enthusiastic responses. Ask follow up questions to make sure the information seems accurate and unbiased.

  • Search online for both recommendations as well as any complaints about the vendor. Look for trends in multiple reviews, not just isolated incidents.
  • Check sites like Clutch, GoodFirms, and Gartner Peer Insights for in-depth reviews from real clients.
  • Search for the companies on LinkedIn to connect with their other clients and ask for honest feedback.
  • Ask the vendors for a few references from clients who did not renew their contracts. This can uncover weaknesses that ended the business relationship.

Vetting IT vendors thoroughly is time-consuming but necessary to avoid headaches down the road. While online profiles and marketing materials are useful to a point, there’s no substitute for speaking to real clients with recent experience using the services. Their perspectives can make or break a vendor selection, so invest the time to screen references and check recommendations carefully. With the insights gained, you’ll choose an IT partner poised for success.

Unlocking the Power of IT Sourcing

So there you have it—three secrets to successful IT sourcing in North America. Focus on building strong, long-term relationships with your vendors, find partners with deep expertise in your industry, and make sure you have a clear sourcing strategy before you start the process. Do these things and you'll be well on your way to finding an IT sourcing solution that boosts your productivity, cuts your costs, and gives you a competitive advantage. What are you waiting for? Start putting these secrets into action and see the benefits to your business. IT sourcing done right can be a game changer.

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