Hiring Recent IT Graduates vs. Experienced Professionals


June, 2023

Hiring Recent IT Graduates vs. Experienced Professionals

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So you need to hire some new IT talent for your company. Do you go with a fresh-faced new grad eager to prove themselves, or a seasoned pro with years of experience under their belt? As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to both options. Hiring recent IT graduates can inject new energy and enthusiasm into your team. They're up to speed on the latest technologies and theories. However, they lack real-world experience and require significant training and supervision. Experienced IT professionals, on the other hand, can hit the ground running. They've been there, done that, and have the technical skills and soft skills to work independently. But their experience often comes with a higher salary expectation. They can also be set in their ways and resistant to change.

Pros of Hiring Recent IT Graduates

As an IT recruiting agency, we often get asked whether companies should hire recent IT graduates or experienced professionals. There are good arguments to be made for both, but hiring recent grads does come with some nice perks.

Fresh skills. Recent IT program graduates will have the latest technical skills and knowledge in areas like software engineering, web development, and cybersecurity. Their education is up-to-date with current technologies and best practices.

Long-term potential. While new grads may require more initial training and supervision, they have the potential for long, successful careers with your company. Investing in top young talent now can pay off down the road.

Enthusiasm and energy. Recent graduates tend to be eager to prove themselves and passionate about the work. Their enthusiasm can motivate more experienced team members and bring fresh energy to your IT department.

Of course, more experienced candidates also have a lot to offer. But if you’re looking to save money or bring new skills and passion to your team, don’t overlook the benefits of hiring top-notch recent IT graduates. With the right training and mentorship, they can become invaluable members of your organization.

Cons of Hiring Recent IT Graduates

As an IT recruiting agency, we know hiring recent grads can be tempting. They're eager, up-to-date on the latest technologies, and often come cheaper. But there are some downsides to consider:

Limited experience. No matter how smart or motivated, new grads simply haven’t had time to gain real-world experience. They’ll require extensive on-the-job training and mentoring to get up to speed.

Higher turnover risk. Recent grads are still figuring out their path, so they may end up leaving for a new opportunity—or deciding the role isn’t right for them—within a couple of years. This can mean wasted resources spent recruiting and training them.

Knowledge gaps. While grads will have a theoretical understanding, they may lack practical knowledge of systems, software, and processes specific to your company. They’ll need time to learn the ins and outs.

Handholding required. Recent grads typically require more guidance, feedback, and “handholding” to help them navigate the work environment, company culture, and professional expectations. This can take significant time from managers and teammates.

In the end, whether to hire an experienced pro or eager new grad comes down to your needs, resources, and risk tolerance. If you have the budget and patience to invest in developing talent, a recent grad could be a great long-term choice. But for an immediate impact, an experienced hire is probably your safest bet.

Pros of Hiring Experienced IT Professionals

Experience and Expertise

Experienced IT professionals have years of knowledge and skills that recent graduates are still developing. They can hit the ground running without needing extensive onboarding or training. Their expertise allows them to:

  • Troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide mentorship and guidance to junior team members.
  • Have a deeper understanding of systems, software, and solutions.

Reliability and Productivity

  • With experience comes dependability and a proven track record of performance. Seasoned IT specialists:
  • Have a stable work history with fewer job changes.
  • Have refined soft skills like communication, time management, and problem-solving.
  • Can take on more responsibility and require less oversight.
  • Typically have higher productivity and output.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

While experience is valuable, the tech field is constantly changing. Experienced candidates may have knowledge gaps in emerging technologies or current best practices. Some may be reluctant to adopt new tools, techniques or ways of working. Companies will need to ensure experienced hires stay up-to-date through ongoing learning and development.

Higher Salary Demands

The main downside of hiring experienced IT professionals is higher salary expectations. Candidates with 5-10+ years of experience will likely command significantly higher pay than a recent graduate. For companies on a tight budget, the higher costs may be a deterrent. However, the benefits of experience may well outweigh the initial financial investment.

With the pros and cons considered, hiring a mix of both experienced and entry-level IT staff can provide the optimal balance of knowledge, innovation and budget for many North American companies. The key is finding the right people, regardless of background, who are the best fit for your organization’s needs and culture.

Cons of Hiring Experienced IT Professionals

Higher Salary Demands

Experienced IT professionals often come with a higher price tag. They have years of specialized experience and training, so they expect a salary that reflects their expertise. While recent grads are eager to get their foot in the door and may accept a lower starting salary, experienced pros want compensation that matches their level of skill and knowledge. This can strain a company’s budget, especially for small to mid-size organizations.

Resistance to Change

Seasoned IT specialists can be set in their ways and reluctant to adopt new technologies or methods. They are used to doing things a certain way and may push back against changes to systems or processes they’ve worked with for years. Recent graduates, on the other hand, are up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. They are open to new ways of doing things and eager to gain experience.

Limited Growth Potential

There is less opportunity for career progression with experienced candidates. They are already at an advanced stage in their career, so additional promotions or salary increases may be limited. Recent grads, however, have significant potential for growth. As they gain knowledge and experience, they can take on more responsibility and work their way up in the organization. This makes them a more long-term, strategic hiring choice.

In summary, while experienced IT professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, they often demand higher pay, are more resistant to change, and have less potential for career growth within a company. For these reasons, hiring recent graduates may be a more budget-friendly option with greater long-term benefits.

Balancing Experience and Energy

So there you have it, the key pros and cons of hiring recent IT grads versus seasoned professionals to consider for your tech team. As with any hiring decision, there are good arguments to be made on both sides. At the end of the day, you need to go with what makes the most sense for your company's needs and culture. If you need fresh perspectives and energy, new grads might be the way to go. If experience and minimal ramp-up time are priorities, you can't beat an established pro. The good news is, with the tech talent shortage, you really can't go wrong either way. But now you can go into the hiring process with your eyes wide open, knowing exactly what to expect from both options. Good luck building an IT dream team!

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