The Recruiter's Guide to Creating an Exceptional Candidate Experience


August, 2023

The Recruiter's Guide to Creating an Exceptional Candidate Experience

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In this guide, we'll share strategies for boosting your candidate experience and turning more candidates into hires. From the first point of contact through the final offer stage, there are many opportunities to engage candidates and strengthen their connection to your company. If you follow these best practices, you'll not only land more of your top candidates but also build goodwill and spread positive reviews of your hiring process. The rewards of an enhanced candidate experience are well worth the effort.

The Challenges of Developing a Positive Candidate Experience

As recruiters, we know that attracting top talent means providing an exceptional experience for candidates. But in today's fast-paced, high-volume hiring environment, that's easier said than done.

Companies often face several challenges in developing a positive candidate experience at our tech recruiting agency. For one, the sheer volume of applicants for most roles makes it difficult to engage with every candidate in a meaningful, personalized way. It's also hard to keep up with the latest tools and techniques that leading companies are using.

Candidates today expect a streamlined, user-friendly process with regular communication and updates. If we fail to meet these expectations, we risk losing great candidates to competitors. Staying on the cutting edge requires ongoing investment in new technologies and training for our recruiters. While essential, this stretches our resources and budgets.

Another hurdle is providing a consistent experience across our organization. With recruiters focused on filling roles as quickly as possible, it's hard to ensure each candidate receives the same level of care and courtesy. We need to implement stricter policies, procedures and performance metrics around the candidate experience.

Of course, the challenges of a tight labor market and scarcity of talent in certain fields also impact our ability to craft an exceptional experience. When we're desperate to attract candidates, it's tempting to make unrealistic promises or rush them through the process. Recruiters must avoid these tendencies and stay true to our values.

With planning, commitment and a continuous focus on improvement, we can rise to meet these challenges. An amazing candidate experience is within our reach if we make it a priority each and every day. The investment in time and resources will pay off through increased quality of hire, stronger relationships, and becoming an employer of choice. Our candidates - and our business - deserve nothing less.

How to Build a Positive Candidate Experience?

As recruiters, we know that a positive candidate experience is essential to building brand and securing top talent. Here are a few of our strategies for creating an exceptional experience for candidates:

How to Build a Positive Candidate Experience

Communication is Key

We make communication a top priority throughout the hiring process. We respond to candidates promptly, keep them up-to-date on where they stand, and provide clear next steps. This helps set proper expectations and leaves candidates with a good impression of our company.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

We treat each candidate like a VIP. From the first point of contact, we express genuine interest in them and enthusiasm for their background and experience. We make them feel valued and that the position they're interviewing for is important to us.

Be Transparent

We are open, honest and transparent in all of our communications. We share details about the role, team, goals, and company culture. We also provide constructive feedback and an accurate timeline for the process. This transparency builds trust and goodwill, even for candidates who may not receive an offer.

Make the Interview Experience Memorable

We strive to create an interview experience that leaves a lasting positive impression. This includes things like:

  • A warm welcome from the receptionist
  • Friendly greetings from staff they encounter
  • Providing snacks, coffee, and water
  • Giving office tours when possible
  • Issuing personalized thank you notes after the interview

Building a positive candidate experience at every point in the hiring process is how we attract and hire the best talent. Our candidates feel good about their experience with us, even if they don’t receive an offer, and often refer others or return as future candidates. This approach has been a win-win for our company and for those in our hiring pipeline.

Improvement Strategies for the Candidate Experience

As recruiters, we know that creating an exceptional candidate experience is key to attracting top talent. Here are a few strategies we’ve implemented at ABC Recruiting Inc. to improve our candidates’ experience:

Simplify the Application Process

We streamlined our application to remove any unnecessary fields or steps. Candidates should be able to apply on their phone in under 5 minutes. The easier we make it to apply, the more applications we’ll receive from qualified candidates.

Provide Clear Communication

From the moment a candidate applies, we aim to communicate clearly about where they are in the process and what to expect next. We notify candidates as soon as their application is received and try to schedule initial phone screens within 1-2 business days. After on-site interviews, we give candidates an update within 48 hours. Candidates appreciate transparency and open communication.

Highlight Company Culture

We want candidates to understand our company culture to ensure the best fit. We share photos and videos on our career site and social media showcasing our office space, employee events, and daily activities. During interviews, we ask culture-related questions and have finalists meet with team members. Promoting an authentic view of life at our company results in higher offer acceptance rates.

Make Accommodations When Needed

We aim to provide an inclusive candidate experience by offering accommodations for disabilities, time restrictions, or other needs when requested. This could mean conducting video interviews, providing content in alternate formats, or adjusting the interview schedule. By making reasonable accommodations, we can evaluate candidates based solely on their qualifications for the role.

Focusing on these key strategies has allowed us to attract more qualified candidates, fill roles faster, and improve our offer acceptance rates. An exceptional candidate experience leads to exceptional hires, so it’s worth the investment. By putting ourselves in the candidates’ shoes, we’ve gained valuable insight into creating the best experience possible. Our candidates and new hires appreciate our dedication to the candidate experience, making it a win-win for everyone.

How do you Measure Candidate Experience

As recruiters, we know that the candidate experience is essential to our success and business. But how do we actually measure how candidates perceive their experience with us? Here are a few ways we track candidate experience at ABC Recruiting:


We send out surveys at multiple points in the hiring process to get feedback from candidates. After an initial screening call, we send a short survey asking about their experience on the call and with the recruiter. We also survey candidates after onsite interviews to gage their experience meeting the team. The feedback from these surveys helps us identify areas for improvement and make changes to provide the best experience possible.

Review Sites

We regularly monitor candidate reviews on sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed. While we can’t respond to individual reviews, we analyze them to uncover any trends in the feedback. We address issues that come up frequently by making adjustments to our processes and communications. Positive reviews also help reinforce the things we’re doing well.

Offer Acceptance Rate

Our offer acceptance rate is a key measure of candidate experience. If candidates are having a positive experience, they are more likely to accept our job offers. A declining offer acceptance rate could indicate issues in the interview process or follow-up that need to be addressed. We aim for an offer acceptance rate of 85% or higher.


We track how many candidates were referred to us by other candidates. Candidates who have had a good experience with us are likely to recommend us to their network. A steady or increasing number of referrals shows that we are providing an experience that makes candidates want to refer others to us.

By closely monitoring these metrics, we can ensure candidates continue to have an exceptional experience with ABC Recruiting. We're always looking for new ways to improve the candidate journey and make it as streamlined and positive as possible. Strong candidate experience is how we build our reputation and continue attracting top talent.


We know that candidate experience matters in today's competitive hiring landscape. By providing an exceptional experience for every candidate, whether or not they receive an offer, you set your company up for recruiting success. Make the effort to treat each person as an individual, communicate frequently and transparently, and make the process as streamlined and pleasant as possible. When candidates feel valued and respected, they'll spread the good word about your company culture. And who knows, they may come back to you in the future when the time is right. Focusing on candidate experience is worth the effort for both short term gains and long term rewards. Keep these best practices in mind, and you'll build a reputation as a recruiter that people will be excited to work with.

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