Why Diversity Matters in Offshore IT Recruitment


June, 2023

Why Diversity Matters in Offshore IT Recruitment

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Have you ever been part of an IT project where the offshore team just didn't seem to "get it"? Where constant clarification and hand-holding were needed to explain concepts that seemed obvious? The root cause often comes down to a lack of diversity. When offshore IT teams are made up of people with similar backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking, they tend to approach problems in the same way. This lack of diversity results in groupthink, less creativity, and difficulties seeing other perspectives.

For companies relying on offshore IT talent, diversity and inclusion are key. Recruiting team members with a mix of backgrounds, cultures, ages, genders, and experiences leads to better collaboration, innovation, and ultimately, better results. Tapping into a diverse range of knowledge and ways of thinking means offshore teams can solve complex problems, understand the cultural contexts of the work, and deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. While it may require more effort upfront to find and attract diverse candidates, the benefits of building a inclusive offshore team far outweigh the costs. When it comes to IT recruitment, diversity simply matters.

How Diverse and Inclusive Hiring Practices Lead to Business Success

When it comes to hiring offshore IT talent, diversity and inclusion should be top of mind. Why? Because diverse, inclusive teams are simply better for business.

  • They tap into a wider range of perspectives, experiences and skills that lead to more innovative solutions. Different backgrounds mean different ways of thinking that can uncover new opportunities.
  • They improve employee satisfaction and retention. Feeling valued and respected, no matter your gender, ethnicity or background, makes people want to stick around.
  • They reflect your customer base. A development team made up of individuals from the same demographic won't fully understand a diverse user group. Matching your team's diversity to your clients' helps ensure products and services meet everyone's needs.

To build a diverse offshore IT team, focus on inclusive hiring practices like:

  • Broadening where you advertise roles to reach more candidates from underrepresented groups.
  • Ensuring job listings use inclusive language and don't imply bias.
  • Standardizing the interview process and evaluation criteria so all candidates are assessed objectively based on skills and merit.
  • Providing unconscious bias training to help interviewers evaluate candidates without prejudice.
  • Considering skills-based assessments in place of over-reliance on credentials or schools which can sometimes disadvantage minority groups.

Making diversity and inclusion a priority in your offshore recruitment will help you find the best talent, gain a competitive advantage and set your company up for long term success in an increasingly global market. Isn't that worth the effort?

Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Offshore IT Recruitment Process

To build a truly diverse offshore IT team, you have to overcome unconscious bias in the recruitment process. This means:

-Evaluating your job ads and descriptions for gendered language or unnecessary requirements that could discourage some candidates. For example, do you really need a degree for an entry-level role? Consider skills and potential over credentials.

-Having a diverse group of people review applications and conduct interviews. Different perspectives mean a better chance of spotting talent in underrepresented groups.

-Focusing on a candidate’s relevant skills and abilities rather than perceived ‘culture fit.’ The ideal culture is one that values diversity! Look for adaptability, learning ability and a growth mindset instead.

-Asking the same questions of all candidates and evaluating them on the same criteria. Take detailed notes on each interview to compare candidates objectively based on their qualifications for the role.

-Checking that your hiring managers and recruiters have addressed their own unconscious biases through training. They need to understand things like microaggressions, stereotype threat and inclusive language to give each candidate a fair chance.

Building an offshore team is challenging enough without introducing additional barriers. By actively working to overcome unconscious bias, you'll find the best person for each role. And that will make your diverse, talented team unstoppable!

Best Practices for Building a Diverse Workforce Through Offshore IT Recruitment

Source from a Diverse Pool of Candidates

The key to building a diverse offshore IT team is to cast a wide net when sourcing talent. Don’t limit your search to the same few schools or companies you always recruit from. Expand your search to include:

  • Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs)
  • Women’s colleges
  • International universities
  • Coding bootcamps and online courses
  • Diverse professional organizations and networking groups

Tapping into these extended networks will expose you to highly-qualified, underrepresented candidates.

Provide an Inclusive Candidate Experience

Make sure your interview process itself does not disadvantage or discourage diverse candidates. Some best practices include:

  • Having a diverse panel of interviewers
  • Asking the same questions of all candidates in the same role
  • Judging candidates based on their qualifications alone, not personal attributes
  • Offering accommodations for disabilities or religious practices
  • Conducting blind screening of resumes to minimize unconscious bias

Providing an inclusive experience will make candidates from underrepresented groups feel welcomed and valued. They'll be more likely to accept an offer from your company.

Support New Hires' Inclusion and Growth

Hiring a diverse range of IT professionals is only the first step. You must also support their growth and professional development to retain them.

  • Provide mentorship programs that pair new hires with more senior employees from similar backgrounds.
  • Offer ongoing diversity and inclusion training for all employees.
  • Promote an open culture where different perspectives and experiences are respected.
  • Review promotion and compensation practices to ensure fairness and equal opportunity.

Give regular feedback and evaluate new hires' performance and experience objectively based on their work and results.

With the right recruiting, interviewing, and support practices in place, you can build an offshore IT team as diverse as the global talent pool itself. An inclusive culture where people feel they belong leads to greater creativity, productivity, and business success.

Unlocking Offshore IT Success

So there you have it — diversity and inclusion in offshore IT recruitment really do matter. When you tap into a wider range of perspectives, experiences, and ways of thinking, you end up with a team that can accomplish so much more. Different backgrounds and life experiences lead to different approaches to problem-solving and innovation. And in an industry that is constantly evolving, that kind of diversity of thought is crucial.

The next time you're looking to expand your offshore IT team, keep an open and inclusive mindset. Seek out candidates from a range of backgrounds and don't overlook talent just because someone doesn't quite fit the mold. Give people a chance and you might find they bring a unique perspective that helps move your business forward in new and exciting ways. Your team, company and customers will be all the better for it. So make diversity and inclusion a priority — you won't regret it.

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