4 Tips for Assessing Foreign IT Professionals
schedule 9 months ago

Hey there fellow tech recruiters, have you been struggling to find skilled IT talent lately? The demand for software engineers, web developers, and data scientists seems to grow every day. At ABC Recruiting Inc., we work with companies around the world to source the best IT professionals, even if that means looking abroad. While hiring foreign talent does come with challenges, if done right, it can be a great way to access a global pool of candidates with the skills you need.

The RPO Advantage: Reduced Costs
schedule 10 months ago

When you leverage an RPO solution, you only pay for what you use. There's no need to pay expensive recruiter salaries, HR tech fees, and overhead costs to maintain an internal recruiting team. An RPO provider already has all of the latest recruiting tools, technology, and top talent in place, so you can tap into their resources on an on-demand basis. This allows you to scale your recruiting efforts up and down as needed without wasting money.

Creating IT Job Descriptions for Top Talent: Tips from Recruitment Experts
schedule 10 months ago

Have you ever struggled to fill an IT role at your company? You post the job on all the major sites, wait for the applications to roll in, but end up disappointed with the quality of candidates. The problem likely isn't the lack of talent out there, it's that your job description is falling flat. As an IT recruiting agency, we've seen time and again how the right job description can attract top talent. In this article, we'll share our experience and tips for crafting an IT job description that sells a role and compels great candidates to apply. By the end, you'll be armed with a blueprint for telling the story of an IT position in a way that sparks interest and enthusiasm. The result? A role that's filled fast with a stellar hire.

Niche Hiring: Your Competitive Advantage for Attracting Tech Talent
schedule 10 months ago

While your competitors post the same generic job ads and scour the usual channels, you can tap into networks tailored to everything from blockchain to open source software to cybersecurity. Join their online groups, attend their events, and speak their language. When you show you value what they value, you'll rise to the top of their lists. With the talent shortage intensifying, niche hiring is your competitive advantage.

Hiring Abroad: 3 Strategies for Finding Top IT Talent
schedule 10 months ago

We've been recruiting IT talent for years, and finding great talent abroad is one of our specialties. As companies expand globally and tech talent becomes more distributed, hiring internationally is key. However, it does require navigating different cultures, laws, and norms. Through trial and error, we've identified strategies that lead to landing the best candidates no matter where they are. In this article, we want to share three approaches that have proven most effective for finding top IT talent abroad. Whether you need an engineering team in Eastern Europe, software developers in South America, or data scientists in Southeast Asia, these strategies will set you up for success. Get ready to expand your search, tap into new talent pools, and onboard the technical expertise you need to take your company to the next level.

Why RPO Is Essential for Niche Industries
schedule 10 months ago

Ever wonder how specialized companies find top talent? When you operate in a niche industry, it can be tough to source candidates with the exact skills and experience you need. Traditional hiring methods often fall short. But there’s a solution that’s gaining momentum: recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. RPO provides dedicated recruitment support and expertise for your unique hiring needs. 

Forgetting LinkedIn: 3 Places to Discover IT Candidates
schedule 10 months ago

As recruiters, we know the importance of casting a wide net to find the best talent. While LinkedIn is a staple for sourcing candidates, we've found some unexpected spots for uncovering high-quality IT professionals. Places you wouldn't necessarily think of right away but are gold mines for tech talent. Forget the usual job sites and networking platforms for a minute. 

Offshore IT Recruitment: Should You Take the Plunge?
schedule 10 months ago

As tech recruiters, we are always looking for ways to scale teams quickly and cost-effectively. Offshore IT recruitment seems like an easy solution, but is it really? We decided to take a closer look at the pros and cons to determine if offshore recruitment is worth the plunge. Spoiler alert: it’s not as straightforward as it seems. While access to a huge talent pool and lower costs are appealing, there are challenges around communication, cultural differences, and legal issues that gave companies pause. By the end, you’ll know if offshore IT recruitment should be in your playbook or if it’s better left to the big fish. The choice is yours - just make sure you go in with eyes wide open!

How RPO Differs From Traditional Recruiting Models
schedule 10 months ago

Ever wondered what separates RPO from traditional recruiting models? If you're a recruiter or business leader exploring ways to improve your hiring process, understanding the key differences between these approaches is critical. RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is not just another staffing firm - it's a total overhaul of how you source and hire top talent.

How to Source Passive IT Candidates and Turn ‘No’ Into ‘Yes’
schedule 10 months ago

When it comes to passive candidate sourcing in IT, persistence and creativity are key. As recruiters, we know that the best talent isn’t always actively on the market. But how do we find these hidden gems and convince them to explore new opportunities? It takes some work, but with the right approach, you can turn even the hardest ‘no’ into an enthusiastic ‘yes.’

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