Feedback Culture: How Feedback Transforms IT Recruiting


May, 2023

Feedback Culture: How Feedback Transforms IT Recruiting

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What if we told you that feedback is one of the most powerful tools for fostering an effective and dynamic IT team? As a recruiting agency based in Canada, ABC Recruiting Inc. knows firsthand that understanding feedback is key to successful IT recruiting. That’s why we want to share our expertise and tips so you can cultivate a feedback-focused culture of your own.

We all know how costly it can be when recruiting does not go as expected, but arming yourself with information about feedback—what it is, why you should use it, and how best to use it—can reduce some of that risk. In this article, we’ll explore how feedback transforms IT recruiting and look at strategies for creating an agile and effective team culture.

How IT Recruiters Can Provide Effective Feedback

After interviewing a candidate, it's natural to want to provide them with constructive feedback. After all, feedback is a two-way street—it helps both the interviewer and job seeker determine if the position is the right fit for both parties.

The best way for IT recruiters to provide effective feedback is to focus on actionable steps the candidate can take to improve their skills and increase their chances of success. Here are a few tips IT recruiters can use:

  • Focus Your Feedback: IT recruiters should focus on specific areas where they feel the candidate can grow. Whether it’s technical or soft skills, be sure to provide concrete examples and suggestions for improvement.
  • Be Timely: If the interviewer wants to give feedback quickly, don’t prolong it by waiting too long. Providing timely feedback will enable the candidate to make adjustments and ensure they are ready for future interviews with other companies or roles within your organization.
  • Follow Up: Once you have provided feedback, make sure you check in with your candidates periodically over time. This will give them an opportunity to ask questions or follow up on any advice you have provided - building trust between both parties.

By taking these steps, IT recruiters can create a feedback culture that will not only enhance their recruitment process but also help job seekers become better candidates in their field.

The Benefits of Feedback for Recruiters and Candidates

When it comes to IT hiring, feedback is a must-have both for the recruiter and the candidate. The right feedback can help ensure recruiters make better decisions and help candidates stand out in the hiring process.

Insight into Skills & Personality Traits

Feedback from previous employers, clients, or colleagues can provide insight into a candidate’s skills and personality traits that may otherwise not be evident in their resume or cover letter. This type of information is often helpful when making decisions about who to invite for an interview or job offer.

Improved Communication Throughout the Process

Feedback can help improve communication throughout the process by ensuring that everyone involved understands what is expected of them and what constitutes a successful outcome. This improved communication helps establish trust between recruiters and potential hires, leading to better results overall.

Enhanced Brand & Professionalism

In addition, soliciting feedback helps demonstrate recruiters’ commitment to professionalism and their brand identity. This type of attention shows potential hires that recruiters are more than just middlemen—they are dedicated to the success of their clients. Feedback provides an opportunity for recruiters to build credibility and demonstrate their commitment to quality assurance.

Best Practices for Requesting Feedback From Candidates

Although it can be hard to remember, feedback doesn't just have to come from the hiring team or employers. It's also important to request and gather feedback from your candidates as well. When done correctly, it can help you create a feedback culture in your organization and make sure that your IT recruiting process is successful.

But what are the best practices for requesting feedback from candidates? Well, here are three tips that are sure to get you started:

  • Be timely: The sooner you ask for feedback, the easier it will be for the candidate to provide it. So don't wait until after their interview has ended; instead, schedule a follow-up conversation right away.
  • Be specific: Ask targeted questions that focus on key areas such as communication style, job description understanding, interviewer professionalism, etc. This way, you'll get more detailed answers that will help you make better recruiting decisions.
  • Be open-minded: Remember that everyone’s experience is unique and no two candidates will ever have the same opinion, so be open to different perspectives and views when gathering feedback from your prospects.

By following these best practices for requesting feedback from candidates, you’ll be able to create a candid atmosphere where people can provide honest opinions about their experience with your IT recruiting process.

Using Feedback to Improve Your Recruitment Process

At ABC Recruiting Inc., we believe that feedback from all parties involved in the recruitment process—hiring managers, recruiters, and most importantly candidates—is essential if you want to transform your recruitment culture into one that is more effective, efficient and satisfying for everyone.

Using feedback to inform your recruitment decisions has several key benefits:

  1. It allows you to identify areas of improvement within the recruitment process and make necessary adjustments accordingly.
  2. It encourages recruiters to have objective conversations with both hiring managers and candidates in order to gain further insight into the recruitment process.
  3. It helps ensure that all stakeholders involved in the hiring process are kept informed on its progress and have access to valuable feedback.

We at ABC Recruiting Inc., use feedback throughout our recruitment process so that we can constantly refine our approach in order to deliver optimal results for our clients. So why not make feedback a part of your IT recruiting?


All in all, feedback is an important part of any recruitment process and should not be overlooked. By creating a feedback culture, IT recruiters in Canada can provide the transparency and clarity needed to make informed decisions.

At ABC Recruiting Inc., we appreciate how important recruiting and feedback are for successful IT hiring. With our team of experienced recruiters, we can help provide a comprehensive feedback system that can be tailored to your specific hiring needs. With our feedback culture, companies are sure to find the best IT specialist for their team. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you build a successful IT recruitment process.

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