How to Create an Employer Value Proposition


August, 2023

How to Create an Employer Value Proposition

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IT talent is in high demand. Finding qualified candidates for technical roles is challenging, especially as more companies embrace digital transformation. Employers need to get creative to attract the best and brightest. An employer value proposition, or EVP, is key. Your EVP communicates what makes us unique and why candidates should work for your company. If done right, a compelling EVP will make you an employer of choice for IT talent.

Definition of EVP

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is like a company's unique promise to the people it wants to hire.
Employee Value Proposition (EVP) encompasses a network of support, acknowledgment, and principles that an employer furnishes to empower employees to reach their utmost capabilities within the workplace.

The components of an EVP typically include:

  • Compensation and Benefits - this covers salary, bonuses, other financial rewards, and non-monetary benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and work-life balance programs.
  • Career Development - this involves opportunities for learning, training, and advancement within the company. It highlights how employees can grow and evolve their careers over time.
  • Work Environment focuses on the company culture, values, and the overall atmosphere in which employees work. It includes aspects like inclusivity, flexibility, and the overall workplace vibe.
  • Recognition and Rewards -this pertains to how the company acknowledges and celebrates the achievements and contributions of its employees, whether through promotions, awards, or other forms of recognition.
  • Work-Life Balance -this emphasizes how the company supports employees in maintaining a healthy balance between their work responsibilities and personal lives.
  • Job Role and Responsibilities - this outlines the specific tasks, challenges, and responsibilities associated with the job. It helps potential employees understand what they'll be doing and how their role contributes to the company's success.
  • Company Mission and Values -this highlights the company's purpose, goals, and principles. It appeals to employees who align with the company's mission and values.
  • Leadership and Management Style -this describes the company's leadership approach and management style, which can significantly influence employees' experience and satisfaction.
  • Perks and Extras encompass additional benefits beyond standard compensation and benefits, such as employee discounts, wellness programs, and other unique perks.
  • Social Responsibility - this showcases the company's commitment to positively impacting society and the environment, which can appeal to employees who value corporate social responsibility.

Together, these parts make up the EVP. They give a complete picture of what employees can look forward to and their chances while working at the company.

Why EVP Matters

EVP matters for several important reasons:

  • Attracting Top Talent:
    -A strong EVP can make your company stand out in a competitive job market.
    -Unique benefits and opportunities make potential candidates interested in joining.
  • Employee Retention:
    -A compelling EVP helps retain valuable employees.
    -Demonstrates ongoing value employees receive from the company.

    The research indicates that employees cite limited career paths as a primary reason for leaving a job.  (Source - TalentLyft)
Reason for leaving the company - limited career paths - ABC Recruiting Inc.

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  • Cultural Fit:
    -EVP defines company values and culture.
    -Attracts candidates aligned with company principles.
  • Employee Engagement:
    -EVP acknowledges and rewards employee contributions.
    -Increases overall engagement and motivation.
    -This leads to improved productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs:
    -Well-defined EVP makes recruitment more efficient.
    -Attracts genuinely interested candidates, reducing excessive efforts.
  • Positive Reputation:
    -Strong EVP contributes to a positive employer brand.
    -Satisfied employees share positive experiences.
    -Attracts more talent and enhances company image.
  • Alignment with Business Goals:
    -EVP can align with the company's strategic goals.
    -Highlight specific aspects that support business objectives.
  • Employee Performance:
    -The company's care about growth enhances employee motivation.
    -Motivated employees excel in their roles.
    -Leads to improved overall performance.
  • Adaptation to Change:
    -Flexible EVP helps a company adapt to changing circumstances.
    -Provides consistent foundation during times of change.
    -Supports expansion, cultural shifts, or industry trends.
  • Loyalty and Advocacy:
    -Valued and supported employees become loyal advocates.
    -They refer friends, positively impacting recruitment efforts.

Steps to Creating a Great EVP

As IT recruiters, we know how challenging it can be to attract top tech talent. One of the most effective ways to draw elite candidates is by developing an appealing employer value proposition (EVP). An EVP communicates what makes your company a great place to work. By highlighting your key differentiators, you'll attract candidates who value what your organization uniquely offers.

Define Your Company Culture

First, determine what defines your company culture. Think about your mission, values, work environment, growth opportunities, and benefits. What motivates your employees to come to work each day? What makes your company an enjoyable place to work? Focus on the attributes that set you apart.

Identify What Candidates Value

Next, put yourself in the shoes of your target candidates. What are they looking for in an employer? Elite tech talent often values things like:

  • The ability to work on cutting-edge projects with the latest technologies
  • A flexible work environment with a good work-life balance
  • Opportunities for career growth, mentorship, and continuous learning
  • Competitive pay and benefits

See if your company culture aligns with these priorities. If you still need to, you may need to reevaluate your EVP or recruiting strategy.

Promote Your EVP

Finally, actively promote your EVP. Feature it prominently on your website and in all job listings. Discuss your key differentiators during the interview process. You might say things like:

  • "We're an innovative company working on transformative technologies like AI and blockchain."
  • "We offer an autonomous work environment with flexible hours and generous PTO."
  • "There are many opportunities for career growth here through mentorship, online courses, and stretch projects."

An authentic, compelling EVP will make a strong impression on candidates and show them why your company is an employer of choice. With the right message, you'll attract the high-caliber tech talent you seek.

Incorporating your EVP into the recruitment strategy

Incorporating EVP into your recruitment strategy - ACB Recruiting Inc.

Once you've developed your compelling EVP, it's time to spread the word to attract top talent. Here are some tips for incorporating your EVP into your recruitment strategy:

Promote on your careers website and job listings

Ensure your EVP is prominently featured on your careers website and in all your job listings. This helps candidates understand why they should work for you and what sets you apart. We highlight our flexible work options, challenging projects, and opportunities for career growth right on our homepage.

Emphasize in your job ads

In your job ads, call out the key benefits and perks you offer that match what candidates seek. For software engineers, we focus on our cutting-edge technologies, competitive pay, and work-life balance. This helps the suitable candidates self-select us.

Discuss during the interview process

Explain your EVP to candidates during the screening call and interview. Share specific examples of how your culture and values are brought to life. For us, this means highlighting stories of career progression and discussing our mentorship programs. Candidates should walk away excited about the prospect of joining your team.

Promote on social media

Use your social media channels to give candidates an inside look at your company culture and EVP. Post photos of company events, employee spotlights, community outreach, or work perks. Make your posts authentic and engaging. People considering your company will appreciate the transparency.

Get your employees involved

Have your employees share and engage with posts about your EVP on social media. Employees can also write blog posts or record videos discussing why they love working for you. Peer-to-peer sharing and advocacy effectively strengthen your EVP and reach new candidates.
By actively promoting your EVP at every stage of the recruitment process, you'll attract candidates who fit your unique culture and environment. The candidates you want will be excited to join your team!

We hope these tips have given you some ideas on developing an employer value proposition that will attract elite IT candidates to your organization. Creating a compelling EVP is well worth the investment. While the process requires time and resources, the payoff can be huge in the form of highly skilled, motivated employees who are passionate about their work. And that kind of talent will set you apart in today's competitive market. Focus on your company culture, opportunities for growth, inspiring work, and a mission that matters. Communicate your EVP through stories and real examples. Let your authentic brand shine through. Do that, and top tech talent will come knocking at your door.

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